Make Your Sales Conferences Exciting With Photo Booths.

Is your business conducting a sales conference? Are you launching..

Make Your Sales Conferences Exciting With Photo Booths.

Is your business conducting a sales conference? Are you launching a new product? Then it is a good idea to have a photo booth at your sales conference.

Objectives of a Sales conference:

Its main objective is to increase sales. It has to motivate, encourage and equip the sales team with the latest tools in sales and marketing as well as create a strong network of clients and customers so that they can do their job better. These conferences are usually informal and can be made interesting with themes and photo booths.

What is a photo booth?

It is a place where people can take selfies or pose for the camera. The whole clicking experience is made interesting with props and accessories for the photo. Instant photos are printed in minutes and made available to the guests to be signed. They can also take these photos home as a reminder of the event.

Spruce up your conference with photo booths:

These photo booths help to build your brand in a better way at the conference as they can be custom designed as per your requirement.

  • Print your company’s brand name and logo on the photo strips and frames.
  • Let your guests pose with the new product that is being introduced in the conference.
  • Instantly print these photos and frame them with your company’s logo and let your guests take it home as reminders of your company and the products.
  • Hash tag all these photos with the company’s product name and let it stream live at the conference.
  • Some photo booths are equipped to record video messages; your sales personnel can record a video about the product and market it better.

How to set up a photo booth?

Photo booths don’t take up much space, even an unused hallway is enough to set it up. For a corporate event, it is always better to hire a professional photo booth than having a DIY photo booth corporate photobooth. Professionals will be able to take care of everything without disturbing the conference.

  • Set the photo booth in a place where it is visible and attracts the guests, but not in the way of the conference.
  • A simple back drop with the company logo and branding is enough to build the brand name among the guests.
  • Make sure, the product to be launched is given as a prop or in its original form to the photo booth photographer, so that guests can easily pose with it.
  • A person to instantly print and frame the photos should be available at all times apart from the photographer.
  • Clear instructions on directions to the photo booth and if there is any hash tag for the event should be placed all through the conference hall, so that people don’t miss out on the photos of the event.

These photo booths at a sales conference will break the ice and let people feel relaxed and more tuned to the meeting to meet its objective, which may otherwise be boring and dull.